Scott-Edil at a Glance

Scott-Edil Pharmacia Ltd is an emerging pharmaceutical company striving to provide accessible, affordable and high quality medicine. Our mission is eradicate disease by which leveraging technology and innovation in everyday operations.


With deep rooted expertise in the field of healthcare, it has strong capabilities across the gamut of the pharmaceutical value chain. At the heart of our business commitment is our responsibility to embrace superior quality, unyielding integrity and strict compliance across business operations.

Company has proven capabilities in the areas of product research, manufacturing & marketing. Incorporated in 1996, The Company has delivered on all fronts because of its meticulous planning and management execution. With a turnover of above Rs.500 crores it has been dedicated to helping people in India & abroad live healthier lives through a diverse range of more than 700 products across several therapeutic segments, including antibiotics, analgesics, anti-ulcerative, vitamins and supplements, anti-hypertension and anti-diabetes.

1800+ Employees

PRESENCE IN 30+ Countries

3 STATE OF THE ART Manufacturing Facilities